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Useful iPod and iTunes Tips&Tricks

There are many ways to increase the usefullness of your ipod,Here is some tips and tricks to iPod owners on how to get more use out of any iPod,no matter your experience level.

Save your time

If you want to organise your library so it easier to navigate on your computer & iPod, you should give playlists a go. A simple playlist is a folder which holds music files. For example, if you want to hold a compilation or mixtape in one place, that is the solution to your problem. To create a playlist, just open iTunes and go to File > New Playlist. You will see a blue icon on the right of your iTunes window, where you can drag your music files.
If you want more control over your playlists, you should give Smart Playlists a try. Smart Playlists are playlists that can automatically select songs from your library and add them into the playlist. To create a smart playlist, go to File > New Smart Playlist. Then a window will pop up asking you to filter out the songs you want in the playlist.
Another application of the smart playlists could be really useful for jogging enthusiasts. You can create a playlist of songs that are automatically added in, that are of your jogging tempo. What you'll need to do, is use a stopwatch and record how many steps you take in one minute while jogging at your average pace. Then create a playlist limiting the selection to that number in BPM. Then you will be able to listen to music which matches your jogging style.

Get Extra Hardware

If you use your iPod extensively, you should aim to purchase any type of case protection for your player. It will make it more durable, and reduce the amount of scratches you will put on it. A hard case made of plastic will immitate the hard shell of your ipod, but will provide minimum prodection & shock absorbsion.You can also buy silicon and leather cases which will provide more protection.

If you find that your iPod is not serving with enough battery life to get you by through the day, you should purchase a battery pack which will charge your player on the go. These packs are cheap and can increase battery for up to 10 hours depending on the iPod model.

Change audio formats

iTunes works seamlessly with Apple's überhip line of iPod MP3 players , but not everyone has jumped on the white-earbud bandwagon just yet. Owners of other popular MP3 players might be surprised to find the CDs they just ripped in iTunes won't play in their devices, since the program encodes tracks in the AAC format by default. However, you can change the output codec by clicking Edit > Preferences , then browsing to the Importing tab. Once there, you can choose among MP3, WAV, AIFF, and Apple Lossless formats, and set the bit rate to a higher or lower quality. If you've already accidentally ripped quite a few files into AAC, you can simply right-click any number of tunes in your library to convert them to MP3.

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Share your collection

If you've built a LAN in your home or you're on a large corporate network, you can share music with other iTunes users. Go to Edit > Preferences , then click over to the Sharing tab. Once there, you can choose to share your entire selection of songs or only certain playlists by checking the appropriate boxes. You'll also find a field for entering your iTunes screen name, which other folks on your network will see each time they launch the jukebox. Sharing in iTunes only supports listening -- there's no transferring -- keeping it in the RIAA's good graces.

Add album art

Like the built-in radio stations, the album-art option has likely been discovered by anyone who has spent time digging through iTunes' interface. However, if you're firing up the jukebox for the first time, you might not know that the cryptic little icon fourth from the left (at the bottom of the screen) calls up the pane for displaying album art. iTunes lets you conveniently drag and drop images directly to the viewing window; you also can add art by right-clicking a song, going to Get Info , clicking the Artwork tab, and browsing your computer.

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Keep your library spic-and-span

The latest iteration of iTunes helps keep your music collection clean and your hard drive free of needless files by quickly locating duplicate songs in your library. To use this feature, simply go to Edit > Show Duplicate Songs. However, when deleting any file, you should use caution, since iTunes determines duplicates by artist and track name but ignores other fields such as album. Therefore, you could accidentally remove a song you actually want to keep, such as the live version of a tune that has the same name as the studio version.

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